Matthew Shepard
Scholarship Program

Iowa’s Matthew Shepard Scholarship Program works with highly motivated students who are interested in advice and assistance from adult mentors to accelerate their academic experience and performance, improve their adjustment to professional standards of behavior, goals, ethics and success and out-perform their age group in transitioning to adult leadership roles. Scholarship awards are based on academic aptitude, academic achievement, community service and financial need.


Iowa’s Matthew Shepard Scholarship is an award of up to $13,000 over 4 years including GPA and Internship bonuses. The initial scholarship of $1,000 per semester is renewable for up to eight semesters and may be used for tuition, books or fees at any college or university in the US.

GPA Bonus

Scholarship recipients recieve a $500 bonus for achieving GPA benchmarks.

Internship Bonus

Scholarship recipients recieve a $500 bonus for completing an approved internship program.

Scholarship Awards Dinner

Scholarship recipients and their parents or guardians will be honored guests at Iowa’s 2019 Matthew Shepard Scholarship Awards Dinner in Des Moines.

Additional tickets for other family members, community members and friends will be available at normal ticket prices.

College Prep Seminar

All scholarship recipients will participate in our pre-college mentoring program at the Eychaner Foundation College Prep Seminar.

  • Learn about LGBTQ support services and student organizations on campus.
  • Meet Previous Matthew Shepard Scholarship recipients.
  • Build friendships and support networks with LGBTQ students.
  • Learn college adjustment tips and skills from other LGBTQ students.

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