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1000 Kids for Iowa is a grassroots organization working to support children coming from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to Iowa who are seeking refuge in the United States.

Most of these children have witnesses extreme violence in their home countries. When they arrive in to the US they face more hardship by being placed in detention centers for weeks and months. We do not believe incarcerating or warehousing these children in large facilities is best for their physical and mental health.

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We know that Iowans, when given the opportunity will do all they can to support these children. We believe Iowans will welcome them into their homes and provide financial and emotional support while they go through the legal process or until they are united with family.

1000 Kids for Iowa launches an open call for churches, community groups, social service organizations and others to open their hearts, minds and homes to these children.

We will accept offers of help, supplies and financial assistance, and insist that the federal government release children to Iowa commensurate with the offers of help we collect.

Organizations, churches, groups and individuals offering to help should sign up on our website so we can identify the number of children Iowans are willing to assist.

1000 Kids for Iowa ill provide support to these children in Iowa by making sure they are in safe homes, have legal representation, medical care, emotion support and are enrolled in school.

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